Wednesday, September 08, 2010

As I set out one late summer afternoon...

It was hot, can you tell it was hot?

The air had a parched quiet with even the crickets finding it too much effort to chirp. Snails stopped where they were

and even the sunflowers drooped

and turned their heads away.

I walked 3 miles from La Torre de Talt (sixteenth century, baronial, magnificent...)

to the lake at Banyoles (probably much older and even more magnificent...)

admiring gardens

and patios

and long shaded avenues along the way. Also...

I went in a bar and every man in there went quiet and turned to look, and I mimed to indicate I was dying of thirst before remembering the word 'aqua', and left my watch on the counter, and found a pharmacy and mimed again, this time for insect repellent...and got it, 75 mL which didn't work. Then walked back again to baronial mansion with its many rooms, my room being the one behind the small window on the ground floor in the main house on the right.


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