Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cocoon Harvest

Altogether I have 22 cocoons.

The ones in the egg boxes are from the stripy silkworms and I thought, if I get enough female and male moths, I will do a little genetic experiment on them: mate a stripy with another stripy, a stripy with a non-stripy...and so on.

I'm keeping them warm, but I'm wondering if our airing cupboard is perhaps not humid enough for them. I'm also wondering if I should cut away the cocoons from some of them to see how the pupae develop. From what I've read, this does no harm. Ah, the fun never ends!

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Blogger Andrew said...

Come in Dr Grump. She's loose again.

Thu Feb 05, 09:30:00 am  
Blogger jem said...

Wow. There really is endless fun with these. When they complete their transformation, aren't they going to be flying about in your airing cupboard. How long will it take them to get there? do they need 'encouragement' to mate, or will they get on with it themselves? (sorry for so many questions)

Thu Feb 05, 11:26:00 am  

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