Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ninth Sunday Salon 12.15

I am having a few days of doing nothing. Nothing, that is except reading books, eating and going for a few walks. I am feeling a bit jaded and I think it will do me good to have a change. Yesterday I finished of THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BRIDGE by Mary Lawson which was truly excellent - one of those books you are sad after they've ended because you enjoyed being in their land so much. It was a very accessible read, especially for a Booker longlisted book, and quite sad. I thought the structure clever: alternate chapters dealt with Arthur as a young man (an inarticulate not-very-sharp-but-good-natured farmer) in the 1930s and then Arthur as seen through the eyes of Ian about twenty years later. The themes, I think, were sibling rivalry and guilt - and also, to some extent, the concept of 'coming of age'.

At the moment I am reading HURTING DISTANCE by Sophie Hannah - another book I started a couple of Sunday Salons ago. This is another thoroughly enjoyable read - interesting and intriguing in equal measure. Strangely, this too has an alternate chapter style. The 'victim' tells her tale in first person - addressing the man who has disappeared who is her lover; while activities of the investigating officers are described in the third person. It's a really good idea and works well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurting Distance was definitely one of my books of the year. Have you read Little Face, its predecessor? Good but not as good. I believe there is a third one due out in the Spring.

Sun Dec 23, 03:45:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, not read Little Face. I am enjoying this a lot - but it's not normally the sort of book I read. I think maybe I should broaden my horizons! This is as good as watching Morse.

Sun Dec 23, 05:03:00 pm  

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