Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Durham University 175th Celebrations

A few months ago I met a cousin of a friend at a funeral. We were introduced because we were both graduates of the University of Durham. I have always been ferociously proud of being a Durham graduate. It was, at the time, a small place and very beautiful. My first year there I had a pretty wild time, joined anything I could and went to lots of parties.

At the end of this riotous year I didn't do particularly well in my papers which was a bit of a shock so I decided thereafter to settle down and revert to being the studious blue-stocking I had always been until then. I am not entirely sure this was a particularly good idea but it shaped the rest of my life.

So when this cousin of a friend asked me if I was going to join in the 175 years of Durham University celebrations this year I was interested. When the email came I signed up and now am very glad I did. Every week now there are letters telling me more about what has been planned and I am becoming quite excited:

drinks reception in my college on arrival, buffet dinner, events in the department the next day, and then, the highlight, the Grand Dinner in a marquee with Bill Bryson, the Chancellor, giving the speeches.

Now that I have made the critically important decision on what to wear I am all set. I shall be taking my camera and making a full report.


Blogger Big Chip Dale said...

Surely know that you'll be able to read Bryson's full speech in his soon to be published book, 'Bill Bryson's University Speeches', priced at a reasonable £7.99 from all good bookshops soon?

(Of course, I'm only jealous. I'd be there too, trying to meet the man. I look forward to reading the report.)

Tue Sep 04, 01:13:00 am  
Anonymous Clare said...

So you'll be there too, Big Chip! Excellent. I hope we meet.

Tue Sep 04, 11:26:00 am  

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