Monday, August 24, 2009

Planning my Life of Literary Hedonism.

Today TIME by Eva Hoffman came through the door, which I put to join my other recent acquisitions:

I immediately wanted to start reading but shall restrain myself. There are other things I must do first. I have just finished reading COLLIDER by Paul Halpern and made a few notes.

Now I want to assemble them into a sensible review and then I really ought to do a little housework. After that, I think, a novel, one that I have been wanting to read for some time: LIZ AND JOE by John Murray. And then something from here or another pile perhaps (although I have to confess I have dipped into one or two of the above already...which is rather like a dog having its first taste of raw meat or a cat sampling gourmet Whiskas - now I just want more).


Blogger Jud said...

I have generally that very little housework is so important that it cannot wait at least for another chapter or two....

Mon Aug 24, 04:03:00 pm  
Anonymous crimeficreader said...

Like the "gourmet Whiskas" and thinking of Oscar and how he liked his food! Thanks for the memories after a day when a few of his hairs re-surfaced for some reason. (Inadequate domestic cleaning on my part, probably...)

Tue Aug 25, 02:31:00 am  
Anonymous Ojimenez said...

I found Wegener's Jigsaw in Amazon. Curiously, though, the preview page I read had a typo in it, at least I think it's a typo p.10 "We shared OUT home with other boys and so we had to share our parents too." Is it shared-out? shared our? also the "Kindle 2" arrived today, (it's actually my daughter's birthday present) does it make a difference to the author if I buy a kindle version? it's currently not available for Kindle, but they ask to request the publisher. Just curious.

Tue Aug 25, 03:45:00 am  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

This true for me too, Jud, but there comes a time when the housework can be ignored no longer.

Glad you had some good memories today, CFR.

Yes, just a typo Ojimenez...

Tue Aug 25, 07:13:00 am  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Oh and Ojimenez, I just realised you'd asked a question...I shouldn't think it makes any difference to me if you buy the kindle version, but please yes, just go ahead and ask, it would be great to show my publisher there are people interested.

Tue Aug 25, 01:31:00 pm  
Blogger jem said...

Will be interested to hear what you think of the Chris Cleave, it's had such mixed reviews, I've been so close to buying it a few times.

Sun Sept 13, 12:23:00 pm  

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