Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nature Meme

Martin Fenner, of Gobbledygook on the Nature Network has started science blogging meme - and although this blog is not strictly as science blog, I have decided to have a go.

1. What is your blog about?
My life as a writer - which means anything goes, I guess - but includes snippets from my research, reviews of books I've read, interviews with authors and other people from the publishing business, the odd poem and very short story, and generally my thoughts on the world around me. Also, a character called Dr Grump sometimes makes a guest post when I let her, but I have told her to start her own blog on Nature Network, and she says she will, when she gets a chance.

2. What will you never write about?

Other people (excluding interviews and reviews of their work). I also tend to avoid politics.

3. Have you ever considered leaving science?

Yes, and have - though often I miss it (most days I also consider leaving the world of writing - not because I want to, but because it seems so hopeless at the moment).

4. What would you do instead?
I have no idea - I can't imagine not writing, which is why I stay.

5. What do you think will science blogging be like in 5 years?
More people will be doing it, there will be more 'gadgets' and might be more interactive.

6. What is the most extraordinary thing that happened to you because of blogging?
Well, a Nobel prize winner once commented on something I'd written, but the best thing has been meeting a lot of interesting people, including some that have become friends.

7. Did you write a blog post or comment you later regretted?
Yes, sometimes I've felt I've exposed myself too much - but that, I think is part of the nature of blogging, and makes it more interesting.

8. When did you first learn about science blogging?
Around 2006, I'd say - through Maxine.

9. What do your colleagues at work say about your blogging?
I have no colleagues - as a writer I work alone.

10. Extra credit (from Henry Gee): are you able to write an entry to your blog that takes the form of a poem about your research?
Not sure, but will have a go...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done for doing this, Clare, nice post (as always).
Politics is a good one to avoid, I agree, also religion. Somehow these topics really do not sit well with the lack of restraint that typifies blogging.

I hope Dr Grump will find time to start a blog in due course, but I appreciate that being Grumpy is very time-consuming. Maybe she needs a shed to cheer her up a bit.

Sat Nov 15, 07:01:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Yes, my views on politics are actually very strong...well my ideals anyway. But I don't really like politics very much, so I avoid.

Dr Grump is going to start blogging soon, she assures me - yes maybe she ought to have her own shed - it might get her going.

Sat Nov 15, 08:50:00 pm  

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