Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BBC Short Story Shortlisters Favourite Short Story collections

The BBC Short story shortlisters have described their favourite short story collections here.

I have summarised their lists (as much as I can) below (for future reference):

MJ Hyland.

Nikolai Gogol: Madmen and other stories.

Flannery O'Conner: A Good Man is Hard to Find.

Vladmir Nabakov: Dozen.

Joyce Carol Oates: (generally)

Alison Macleod

Angela Carter: Burning Your Boats.

Jon McGregor

Raymond Carver: Short Cuts.

Lydia Davis: Collected Stories.

K J Orr

Ethan Canin: Emperor of the Air

D W Wilson

Tim Winton: The Turning.


Blogger Anne S said...

I just read a book of short stories by Steven Millhauser, a revered American author of whom I had never heard. The book was We Others - New & Selected Stories, and I enjoyed them immensely, especially the older stories. Millhauser writes exquisite prose and his stories all have a twist, they're slightly spooky, somewhat otherworldly. I was attracted to this book by a review written by Michael Dirda in the Washington Post.

Anyway, looking at the list you provided above, there are many other collections I can think of worthy of mention, eg Borges Labyrinths.

Wed Sept 21, 11:01:00 am  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Thanks Anne! Millhauser sounds excellent. I'd not heard of him either. I have to confess I have never read any Borges - something I keep meaning to do.

Wed Sept 21, 05:10:00 pm  

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