Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home for Retired Workbooks

Hodmandod Minor is taking Environmental Science at university, and so is studying some of the same topics as I did during my geology course all those years ago. He mentioned he needed a good book to go with his course on optical mineralogy so I told him I might have just the thing - three books which were a huge investment for me back then.

I found them almost immediately - a rare occurrence for me - but looking on Amazon find they are, of course, out of date, even though most of the material seemed timeless to me when young. But I suppose definitions change, methods become outmoded, there are better explanations, or maybe there is just a change of emphasis....and so then these old editions, which I had always assumed would maintain their value, are in fact worth very little to anyone any more.

So Hodmandod Minor doesn't want them, and I don't blame him in the least, and I am left wondering if I should keep them any more. There doesn't seem to be much point beyond nostalgia and I do need the space on my bookshelves.


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