Tuesday, June 16, 2009


At last, at last - when I returned from spinnin' today this was waiting for me - ordered from Amazon some time ago.

It is by Geoff Manaugh, the creator of the magnificent BLDG BLOG, and it is full of stuff to delight a Hodmandod: underground places, visions of future buildings and settlements, even a section on continental drift. There are installations, art works and gorgeous photographs - all accompanied by Geoff's inspiring, fantastical ideas. It even smells of an art gallery - when I lift it up to my face and breath in I could imagine myself in the Hayward (I think maybe it is all that coloured ink, but whatever it is - I love it). It's a bit like having BLDG BLOG in your hands and I am quite a little excited by it. I've been looking forward to seeing this for months and am not disappointed.



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