Monday, July 14, 2008

A Surprise for a Monday Morning

I just received this book - NOW YOU SEE HIM by Eli Gottlieb - from the publisher Serpent's Tail and addressed to Clare Dudman, 'Keeper of the Snails' - a pleasant surprise - and much appreciated.

Now I have much liked all the Serpent's Tail books I have read so far, so I am looking forward to reading this one. 'Beautiful, wise and funny' says Jonathan Coe. It looks like just the sort of thing I love.


Blogger jem said...

I read another book by this author 'The Boy Who Went Away' - I recall I really liked it. I had a really similar cover and even the title has a similarity but it was a different book - perhaps the author has preoccupations with disappearance.

Tue Jul 15, 12:38:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

I read from the accompanying publicity that this first book of the author's won the McKitterick Prize and he has taken ten years to write his second book. It sounds like it's worth waiting for.

Tue Jul 15, 10:00:00 pm  

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