Saturday, June 21, 2008

Book Catalogues

This came in the post this morning - Sceptre's new catalogue. A particularly classy one this time, I think. It's in black for a start (always a good choice, as Yves St Laurent would attest) and matt (also good) and designed like a memo pad, with excerpts from the books as if they've been paper-clipped into position and someone's made notes.

I appreciate this sort of quirkiness. I read on someone's blog recently that these catalogues are a waste of time and money - this was from a bookseller - his main grouse being that they get out of date so quickly. He's probably got a point, but I have to say that I appreciate them. I love to look through the pages, and I love to have something in my hand. Someone had fun designing this, and I'm glad they did. It's part of the celebration of a book coming out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a sexy catalogue...wish I could get a better look at it - I think anything that gets one excited about books is a good thing - book bait!

Good luck with the de-clutter - ( though it cannot be in that lovely neat as a pin den...?) Don't know if you into astrology, however it is well known when there is a Virgo moon, it is de-cluttering overdrive...just a tip...

Sun Jun 22, 03:48:00 am  
Blogger jem said...

I think presentation holds a lot of power. And this catalogue looks great. Have you seen the Virago 30th birthday re-editions, with stunning designer covers. Beautiful. I am always drawn to something that looks good over something that doesn't. I don't seem why bettering the mind can't be pretty on the eyes too.

Sun Jun 22, 11:47:00 am  

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