Sunday, December 09, 2007

Seventh Sunday Salon 17.40

Some people lead such amazing lives. So far Joseph McCormick has jabbed himself trying to take blood in an African clay hut from an elderly woman who was clearly very ill with suspected Ebola. The next chapter takes us back to how he came to be a virologist in Africa - so no idea yet how the first story ends. It's an excellent narrative technique that works really well.

Leslie Alan Horovitz is also credited as an author - since he is a novelist he has presumably neatened things up so that it reads so well. It is gripping.

Mostly though I am in awe of these people. They make me feel somewhat inadequate (although in truth I find that a lot of people do that and I console myself that the small differences that we are able to make to individuals count as much...which is my only hope).


Blogger Susan said...

You make a big difference, Clare. You're a lovely, sweet and civilized soul who improves the world just by being in it.

Mon Dec 10, 04:20:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so kind, Susan! I am certain the same can be said of you - even more so...Some of these people who do things, though - they are awe-inspiring, aren't they?

Mon Dec 10, 04:25:00 pm  

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