Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Anticipations

Just noticed something - today is the official publication day of Chief Biscuit's second poetry collection Made For Weather so I have just ordered it from Amazon. I think it came out a few weeks ago in NZ - we're a bit behind the times up here.

The cover is wonderful - designed by a 'biscuit-crumb' I understand - which is yet another reason I am looking forward to receiving this very much...

And on the subject of fabulous writers I have just ordered in advance Marly Youman's novella Val/Orsen. I am not sure when it is actually officially being published but if you order now you don't have to pay postage...which was too tempting for me to resist.


Blogger Susanna said...

great cover tot hat book.

as I was driving home this morning I was meditating on this song River Gaurd. I put up a live performance of it on my LJ one day a few dfays ago, and I was thinking your baut with hoplessness. THis song is very interesting because it is sort of examining how prisoners make through thier sentences in jail. because Mike has such so many DUIs and drug charges in his past before he got clean he did 90 days here and there and we had a real deep conversation about this song and he said it is spot on about how the prisoners make it. Now Callahan, the artist, is not a gaurd, but they way he works his way through the maze of hopelesness...well, dont know exactly but I get it. You might enjoy this song. It is bad ass for sure, especially when your driving down the road and it is cool out with the windows down.

Mon Sept 17, 12:31:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been listening to that song, S - thanks for that. I'll have another listen in a while and comment on your blog. I think songs can say so much with just a few words. Sometimes they are even more succinct than poetry. Somehow the music and the words let you feel so much - and I find that when the music is being pumped directly into my ears its effect is even more powerful.

Mon Sept 17, 04:40:00 pm  
Blogger Kay Cooke said...

I got such a surprise to scroll down your blog and suddenly see my book! Thanks wonderful, generous Clare for your plug. (I love the term biscuit-crumbs!)

Wed Sept 19, 08:05:00 am  

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