Saturday, July 21, 2007

What is the Book Whisperer?

This is my first answer to the weird questions I asked about a week ago. I allow myself just 15 minutes to respond and whatever I write during this time I post here.

He lives behind the shelves. When he moves book mites fall from him; tiny creatures that fall through the air like dust motes. Up close they are ridged like beetles with many legs.

Sometimes the Book Whisperer seems large. He knows all things. He can tell you the page on which Lady Chatterley first kissed Mellors and the correct way to pronounce the names in the Lord of the Rings. He can also tell you when you first understood the plot of Never Let Me Go and how old you were when you last looked for Borrowers under the skirting board. He knows the best time of year to read Enduring Love and the times of your life when you should never read Beloved. Certain books he will warn you not to open because they will make you bitter and others he will tell you will make you so happy that your heart might burst. It is in your own best interests to listen.

But most of the time the Book Whisperer is silent. When you start to read he becomes small again and lands like snow on your shoulder to listen to your thoughts. He fingers your mind and absorbs its contents into his soul.

I have never seen him. He is something I only know is there because of the touch of his breath on my face and the smell of him when I turn over the pages. Both of these are difficult to describe because they are unlike anything else that I know. The closest thing I can think of is the air that the lips of a lover displaces just before they kiss you.


I am pleased to note that Minx, and Minx's friend, 'The Moon Topples' have posted answers to these questions - and very witty they are too.


Blogger Kay Cooke said...

Fantastic little book whisperer - the last description you wrote, just exquisite Clare.

Sun Jul 22, 02:29:00 am  

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