Wednesday, June 06, 2007


A little late back through talking too much - one of my favourite occupations. Spent several minutes at the end of spinnin' comparing notes on child-rearing with the amazing Ali, the spinnin' instructor. As usual we came to the conclusion there is little a parent can do. You just have to let them go. Not that any of our children have done anything to make us anything less than proud of them but that doesn't mean they are any less of a mystery.

Ah, I feel better now - not that I was feeling too bad before but now I feel wonderful. Spinnin' (the apostrophe is obligatory) always makes me feel like this. It doesn't matter how tired I feel at the start there comes a moment, about ten minutes into the session, when I realise I am happy. 'Use your gears!' yells Ali, and we do. I can almost feel the seratonin let loose inside my brain. I pedal and it is as if I can go anywhere and do anything even though I know my bike is rooted to the spot.

Shower and then back to work again. It is a fine day.


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