Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Connaissances: A Virtual Encounter.

Jonathon Wonham, of Connaissances, a blog that I much admire, has interviewed me here. He asked me some interesting questions which really made me think and I very much enjoyed answering. Thank you, Mr Wonham!

Of course it was only a virtual encounter because Connaissances is a Paris-based blog - and Paris is a dangerous territory for snails. Actually, thinking about it, Languedoc could have been a bit risky too - but fortunately I got away with it.


Blogger Lee said...

"I have been invited to become 'writer in residence' at the University of Oxford's Institute for the Future of the Mind. I am going to shadow surgeons and scientists in neurology with a view to writing some fiction based on this."

Clare, this sounds very exciting, and as you can imagine, just the sort of novel I'd love to read.

Wed Aug 16, 04:18:00 am  
Blogger Susan said...

You're a remarkable woman, Clare! Kind of intimidating, actually...I'm almost afraid to comment here because your life and accomplishments are so impressive. And still you have a sweet nature. The Oxford experience should be amazing! I hope we'll be getting posts from there.

Wed Aug 16, 04:59:00 am  
Blogger Kay Cooke said...

Congratulations on the University of Oxford writer in residence Clare! Fantastic.
Loved reading the interview, it was fascinating. I found your answers intelligent and interesting. And thanks for the link to what looks like an informative poetry blog.

Wed Aug 16, 12:51:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you all very much. I'm really looking forward to going down there and finding out more.

Wed Aug 16, 01:34:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on "writer in residence" at Oxford.
When I went to Hay last Saturday, it was your novel I bought a few copies of, so that I can offer them to fellow students in my class. Adding this piece of information will only make the novel more appealing, I believe.
As you know, I have the novel, but I'm just waiting for the right moment to concentrate on it and give it the attention it deserves. Until then, I'm looking forward to reading it.

Wed Aug 16, 08:13:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CFR: How incredibly kind of you to buy copies for your class-mates! Well I think it is - whether they do is a different matter, of course. But thank you from me - very much.

Wed Aug 16, 10:41:00 pm  

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