Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Last Lampeter Blog

My last day tomorrow. As soon as we finish at four I have a four hour drive over to Cheltenham to take a few creative writing workshop sessions at the Cheltenham Ladies' College on Thursday and Friday so this is my last blog. As I sit here typing this the two druids are sitting opposite me checking their emails. The female druid has blue and purple hair - where it isn't shaved to the scalp - and the male druid, who is in excellent shape (since he works out assiduously), assures me that he has some sort of tailed animal tattooed somewhere on his rear(the tail is important because it dangles provocatively below his trunks, apparently, but no doubt the entire animal was visible when he plunged into the very cold pool underneath the waterfall on Saturday). I have never encountered druids before and I have to say I am very impressed - I think there should be more druids in the world - they make the place a lot brighter.

Today we had another hard session with our pronouns and have a huge amount of homework for tomorrow. We all agree that our brains hurt - druids and non-pagans alike. The day finished with a short play about the origin of the Welsh National Anthem which John Redwood so memorably failed to sing some time ago. We then gave a short rendition of the anthem led by our tutor Morina who has an excellent voice (and much patience when her language, which was her only language until aged 14, is mutilated by people like me).

The course has been exhausting, but I also feel a little exhilerated because I have learnt so much - I have quite a few more ideas for my novel now, particularly for the dialogue, and it's been good to have time to just think and read and visit the places around me. I have come to understand more than just the language - I think I understand more about what it is to be Welsh too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... - I think there should be more druids in the world - they make the place a lot brighter..."

I see in today's news that the head of a certain north Wales police force is to be made a druid. I think he's consistently grey haired under that hat, though.

Druid company also includes: newbies this year of Welsh national poet Gwyneth Lewis, ex-rugby international Robin McBryde, singer Iris Williams and painter Mary Lloyd Jones; existing druids opera star Bryn Terfel, England cricketer Robert Croft, ex-Welsh rugby stars Gareth Edwards and Ray Gravell, actor Ioan Gruffudd, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, and ex-Welsh Secretary Ron Davies.

An eclectic mix, don't you think?

Apparently the ancient druidic order was established in a ceremony at (Jude Law and Sadie Frost country) Primrose Hill, London, in 1792.

I'm looking forward to your further post with pics and further thoughts Clare.


Wed Jun 28, 11:44:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Thank you CFR - not only eclectic list but interesting too. I think I now have a new ambition in life - to become a druid.

Sat Jul 01, 11:24:00 pm  

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