Saturday, May 27, 2006


I have decided to take the plunge and finally signed up to try and learn the language of my ancestors - Welsh. From 19th - 30th June I shall be at the University of Wales, Lampeter on one of their intensive Welsh language courses. Since I am totally useless at learning new languages this is going to be a bit of a challenge. At the end of it I should be able to speak Welsh with 'a sympathetic listener' - a very sympathetic listener in my case, I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the course Clare. I've no doubt that after the course you'll be able to understand the train annoucements at the first go, without having to await the second run which comes in English. And if your station has only three working platforms: un, dai and tri, working out which one you need will be a cinch!

Mon May 29, 10:52:00 pm  

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