Monday, November 27, 2023

A bottle thrown into an ocean

I realise I am probably writing into empty space here.  A bottle thrown into the ocean. Not so much a plea for help, but a way of making sure this blog doesn't disappear before I work out what to do with it.

So, it is five years since I wrote here last.  I think about that, and what has passed.  In 2018 I produced a series of monologues for performance during the Chester Heritage Festival, which I loved doing so much that I did it again during one of the Pandemic lock-downs of 2021.  An hour long series of monologues about the life of Thomas Brassey - a little-known native of Chester - which is here

Early in 2023, I started work on another piece of theatre.  This was a real play with acts and scenes and people talking to each other!  Ha! Just like Shakespeare. Kind of.

I did my usual vast amounts of research,

traveled to the wilds of Cheshire and Wales - so much more convenient than Greenland and Patagonia -and then spent several months writing it, and even had the pleasure of hearing some of the scenes read out by some brilliant actors.

But then.  It all screeches to a halt.  No funding.

So it's time to reassess. This story is too good to be wasted.  And my research continues.