Saturday, July 07, 2012

An international book haul

Looking at this week's book haul...

it pleases me to note that it has quite an international flavour: Finding Forgotten Cities by Nayanjot Lahiri is about how the Indus civilisation was uncovered (Indian) ; Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan concerns, unsurprisingly, the business of metamorphosis (English) and is a book I have been hankering after for some time; The Berlin Diaries of Marie 'Missie' Vassiltchikov is about living in Berlin in the second world war (Russian/German) and the plot against Hitler; The Lorraine Connection by Dominique Manotti is winner of the International Dagger Award 2008 and comes highly recommended by Maxine of Petrona (French); and Albert of Adelaide is the first novel of an ex-helicopter pilot, fisherman, industrial worker, truck driver, script writer, film star and producer and now an attorney in New Mexico defending Mexican nationals charged with crimes north of the border...and he has chosen to write about the adventures of a duck-billed platypus (having never lived in Australia). Excellent - I like the sound of this!


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