Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa

Today I read this book on my Kindle, having only heard about it from a friend last night. It is a sweet, light and quick read set in Japan about a professor of mathematics who can only remember the last eighty minutes. It is skilfully written, quite endearing, and deals with the beauty of mathematics, and also the thrill of discovery...and baseball.


Blogger Anne S said...

Seeing as how you're going Japanese, here's a few suggested books:

The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanizaki

And try the creepy Japanese detective novels by Masako Togawa

Wed Mar 09, 05:45:00 am  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Thanks Anne - The Makioka Sisters looks excellent! I shall definitely get this, and a Togawa too.

(I am also very tempted by 'I am Cat' by Soseki - have you read this? I have a feeling you may have).

Wed Mar 09, 08:51:00 am  
Blogger Anne S said...

I have read very few Japanese writers and haven't as far as I rememmber read I Am Cat - sounds like my sort of thing. Will look out for it.

Wed Mar 09, 09:58:00 am  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Apparently it is satirical - a story from the point of view of a cat - but the 'catness' becomes less important as time goes on.

Wed Mar 09, 10:59:00 am  

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