Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iMovie Discoveries

I am in the middle of making the last film in what has turned out to be a trilogy, though it is not in a fit state to be seen yet. This one, which is a more personal account of my British research, has a wistful air, and I have approached it in a different way. I started, this time, with the music. I chose something reflective and slow, because I wanted it in part to be about memory and spirituality. I then devised the words and then looked around for images. Since, thanks to this blog, I have taken pictures of just about everything I do, I now have a large stock.

I am grateful for feedback on my attempts so far, and one thing a couple of people have told me is that the images go by too fast, and up until now I couldn't find a way of changing this. I knew there must be a way, and yesterday I found it. By double-clicking on a frame I accessed video clip and on this I could not only change the length of the still, but also choose an effect. I think such things need to be used in moderation, but the 'vignette' and 'cartoon' effects were useful here for the shamanic journey sequences.

One problem with increasing the length of frame was that the music ran out. However, I have now also made another useful discovery, under 'Window' and 'Audio Adjustment' I can gradually mute one track while introducing another.


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