Friday, May 28, 2010

Hay Talk - final touches

Unfortunately, the 'little bit of finishing off' I thought would take me an hour or two actually took the entire day and I have only just finished. So the cakes are going to have to wait until tomorrow.

I had a practice-run tonight which caused me to choose different pieces to read out (and vow to write a much better book next time), and for me to abandon my idea of starting with a short illustrated talk, and also abandon the idea of showing stills while I'm reading. The latter idea was too complicated for one person to handle. But now I'm fairly happy with it, the movies are all in quicktime 7 - and I'm just about ready to go. I'm going to practice again tomorrow, and also save my movies as a DVD as backup.

I was also very pleased to receive a phone call from my publisher to tell me that they just received my book from the printer at about 4pm today - so the copies for sale on Sunday will be very much hot off the press.


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