Friday, May 07, 2010

Hay Literary Festival: essential purchases

In preparation for Hay I have made two essential purchases: a pair of wellies (rose and fushia design - yes, I know, I have no excuses, really, except maybe temporary colour-blindness)

and a set of books (Skippy Dies by Paul Murray). I do like to read a book in advance if I possibly can, I feel I get more out of a session. Since the novel is around 600 pages long Penguin have made the wise decision to divide it into three. I have started on the first volume already.

So far it is proving to be a fast, easy read - and highly entertaining. It features a teacher in a boys' boarding school called Seabrook College. It is an odd mixture of the modern and archaic, and even though it does not have much in common with the comprehensives I am more familiar with (as both pupil and teacher), I do recognise some of the teachers.


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