Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Desired Reading

Sometimes, everything comes at once. Over the last few weeks I have been frantically busy: a little flurry of manuscripts to edit, planning my stuff for Hay and attempting to organise something for a launch. Inbetween times I have been reading SKIPPY DIES by Paul Murray and really, really enjoying it - so funny in some places and yet sad and dramatic in others, and full also of satisfying little twists and revelations. This morning, before I ploughed into yet more editing, I allowed myself myself a few minutes more with the book and finished off the second volume so now my book pile of books I want to read before Sunday looks like this:

the last volume of SKIPPY DIES (Ghostland); DIAMOND STAR HALO by Tiffany Murray (I read the first couple of pages of this and can't wait to read the rest); and then these two beautifully produced books: THE NINTH WAVE by Russell Celyn Jones and WHITE RAVENS by Owen Sheers - part of a series of modern re-tellings of the Mabinogion.


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