Thursday, May 07, 2009

Choosing Silence.

Did you know that. We have to report. In the US today. Yesterday there were. A 76 percent swing means that. What is the reason for. Police are looking for. Did you read. RT@ See http://ww Links at.

On Saturday, my nephew clapped his hands over his ears.

Prime Minister sorry for. Monster profits at. What is. Pakistan's orders are. Tough new measures. Blues devastated because. LOL. Hammer-attack on. Drop is possible for. Should we. Who will. Economy to. Eight guilty of. Sailor suffocated. Royal scandal. Investigation into.

For exactly twenty steps he let the soles of his feet slap upon the pavement.

Public class of. Militants in. Skirmish of. The government. Terrorists are. The global. WTF!?! Endangered species. Wildfires spreading. Insolvency fears. Why today. The British. Mutations are. Debt now.

He is fifteen now, and sometimes I think he is mute just because he chooses to be.


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