Thursday, January 01, 2009

World Book Day Short List

Tomorrow is the last day left to vote for the short list of World Book Day. This is a vote for books that 'stimulate thought and debate' and Gregory Norminton's book, SERIOUS THINGS, is one of the contenders on the long list (you can vote here).

SERIOUS THINGS is thought-provoking in many ways: not only does it deal with the haunting effect of guilt of a specific wilful action, but also the 'guilt' of us all in our inadequate response to the threat of climate change.

Anyway, best of luck to Gregory - SERIOUS THINGS, as I said yesterday, is a book I much admire and would make a worthy winner.

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Blogger jem said...

There are some great titles on that list / site. I read some from last years list and they really do highlight quality writing.

Fri Jan 02, 04:11:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Yes, Jem - I agree. I've read a few too and each one I've read really has made me think.

Fri Jan 02, 07:47:00 pm  

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