Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cocoons! (part 2)

Just before I went to bed last night (around midnight) I took another look at the silkworms, and again took a short video to show the grubs at work...

It is interesting to compare them with a video taken about four hours before, just here. The silkworms seem to construct a messy support web first, and then make smaller and smaller movements until they are enclosed in a cocoon. At the moment, in this video, the one on the egg carton can still rotate, but soon I expect it will not even be able to do that.

This must seem mundane and boring to some people, I suppose, but to me it is extraordinary.

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Blogger jem said...

They are all so busy. I wish I was half that productive at midday let alone midnight!

Mon Jan 26, 04:50:00 pm  

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