Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brain soup

A hectic day (the sort I like):
first, this morning, a little trip into Wales to see some pretty darned good photographs of graffiti drawn during the second world war;
then home to transcribe an interesting interview I had with Nick Crane over the phone (a week or so ago now) for submission to the local paper;
then notes on a long and complicated paper on oceanic pollution from Imperial College, London for tomorrow night's History Society Meeting;
then dinner;
then a run-through the talk I'm giving at John Moores University tomorrow;
then a little more reading of Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You
and inbetween all this emails, phone calls and conversations...
When I shut my eyes I feel it all mixing together in my head like soup.

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Blogger jem said...

Sounds like a good day, I think sometimes input overload can be quite fun, because the bits floating around in your head can get mixed together in strange and beautiful ways!

Mon Oct 20, 03:42:00 pm  

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