Saturday, March 29, 2008

Foyles Short Story Festival

Andrew Holmes has just sent me details of the Foyles Short Story Festival in London next Saturday (5th April). The programme looks truly excellent...(here is my abridged version)

10am - Introduction
10.05am - Reading on behalf of Prospect magazine (with free copies).
10.40am - Reading and introduction of 3:am magazine
11.15am - Ambit
11.50am - London Noir anthology (Serpents Tail)
12.25am - Showcase of Liars’ League event
12.55-1.30pm - Break for Lunch / Book buying/signing
1.30pm - Workshop on the short story with Shaun Levin (45mins in the meeting room on the 3rd floor)
2.20pm - Reading for Chroma: A Queer Literary Journal
2.55pm - Reading from Perverted By Language: Fiction Inspired by The Fall and The Empty Page: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth due to be published in May 2008
3.30pm - Introduction to Legend Press and readers from their ‘Short Story Reinvented’ series.
4-4.20pm - Tea/Book buying Break
4.20pm - Social Disease
4.55pm - Mick Scully and Little Moscow (Tindal Street Press)
5.30pm - Apis Books launch Six New Voices
6.05pm - Toby Litt reads from his latest short story collection
6.35pm - Panel Discussion (with Toby Litt, Martin Bax, Richard Marshall, Tom Chalmers, Andrew Lloyd-Jones, Cathi Unsworth, Peter Wild, Shaun Levin, William Skidelsky or Alexander Linklater (for Prospect Magazine), and Heidi James.
7.25-8pm - Wine Break / Book buying / informal author chat
8-8.40pm - Tales of the DeCongested Event

It is free but you have to book a place here. Ah, if only I had not just booked to go to a conference in deepest mid-Wales that day (which should be good as well), I would be there.


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