Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Design of Books (part 3)

Geoff Fisher of Antony Rowe finished his talk on self -publishing with a few general remarks

On marketing: he said it was important to find the book's unique selling proposition (USP), to research buyers, to make press releases, arrange book signings, invlove your local independent book shop, get reviewed in local papers and on radio and buy a good book on marketing.

On distribution he said it was possible to pay for distribution and recommended 'looking into ' LULU

He was impressed with Kindle and said he was glad that he would soon be retiring from the print business. They cost 300 dollars and 100 books can be downloaded.

He also liked Macmillan's e-book idea.

ISBNs, apparently, have to be bought in blocks of 10 and cost £100.

And on this miscellaneous note I shall end because after that my notes become illegible.


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