Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fourteenth Sunday Salon: 12.08

Regretfully putting the Norminton down now. I'm really enjoying it and finding it gripping. I am especially enjoying the descriptions of the teachers. Here is Mr. Wimbush who teaches history:
' Mr Wimbush was not a happy man. He was unmarried; had opted out out of or was deemed unfit for housekeeping duties; and his greatest achievement ( at least the most obvious) appeared to be his russet, sergeant major's moustache. Mr Wimbush smelled musty, like the home of an elderly dog lover, and his breath when he leaned over us was excremental.'

Then, a few pages later, the reader is introduced to Mr. Bridge, who is a new arrival from an inner-city comprehensive and seems to flush out the miasma of the Wimbushes. Although not quite as charismatic or generally adored as the teacher John Keating in the DEAD POETS SOCIETY he also teaches English and swiftly inculcates a love of unconventional literature including RIDDLEY WALKER by Russell Hoban and also, slightly more conventionally, the works of D H Lawrence.

The laundry, as ever, awaits...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Mr Wimbush must have come back in another guise to teach me Maths in my fourth year at secondary. I can see the moustache now and that breath urg!

Sun Jan 27, 03:49:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, it seemed familiar to me too - but can't quite remember any particular individual.

Tue Jan 29, 08:00:00 pm  

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