Saturday, October 20, 2007

Other Readers

In response to Dewey's third hourly challenge I am reporting on two other readers:

Athena at quatique is reading is reading one of Jasper fforde's books about a character called Thursday Next which is set in Swindon in which she reports that the town is not very popular - which is true. Somehow certain places in the UK acquire a comedic (boring) quality and Swindon seems to be one of them.

I once was invited to the Swindon Literature Festival and had a very good time but can't remember the town very much at all...perhaps they are right about Swindon after all. They are very proud of being the setting of Mr fforde's novels though, I think.

Becky is also writing about settings on her blog - but it doesn't seem to be in the context of the readathon. Perhaps I have the wrong blog. However Becky's challenge itself is interesting - finding a book set in one's home town - but I can't think of one set in my home town of Chester.


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