Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It is strange how the same themes come up again and again when I read. At the moment I am reading the editorial to May's edition of Scientific American. It is a great piece of writing justifying the inclusion of Peter Duesberg's article. According to some people Peter Duesberg is a crank. There seem to be so many so-called cranks in science I am beginning to think that in order to have one amazing idea in science it is also necessary to have several unacceptable ones too (Incidentally there were entertaining tongue-in-cheek 'how to' instructions on becoming a crank in a recent Denialism Blog (via Petrona)).

Robert Duesberg's crankish idea is that HIV does not cause AIDS. However he is also known as the virologist who first identified a cancer-causing gene and he goes back to this area in this article published in Scientific American. He proposes that a derangement of chromosomes rather than individual genes is the cause of malignancy in cells.

I haven't read the article yet but it sounds do most of the other articles. Ah, there is so much interesting STUFF in the many books, so many films, ideas, theatrical productions, websites, blogs... I wish I read, watched and thought with greater efficiency.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the last one? I am home from work and it is 9.30 pm. Have just read through your posts in reverse order and think it a wonderful idea. Will you do one every day -- Clare's diary? Will give me something to look forward to in the evenings.

"Linked to JKR by editors", hmm? Intriguing!

Wed Jun 06, 09:33:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Maxine - no I am intending to continue into the night (in fact I'd like to cover the whole 24 hours but not sure I shall last out.

I might do it again but it is becoming a little too naval gazing even for this self-indulgent expert.

Yes, JKR's editor was mine first! Of course things went down hill a bit for her after that:-)

Wed Jun 06, 09:48:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, she'll be free again soon.

Thu Jun 07, 01:08:00 pm  

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