Monday, February 27, 2006

Professor Carl Djerassi at the British Library

Tomorrow I am going to see Professor Carl Djerassi at the British Library. His talk is to be called 'NOBLE SCIENCE AND NOBEL LUST' and promises to show some of the 'pros and cons of Nobel lust' through his lecture, readings and video presentation. It starts at 18.30 in the Conference Centre at the St Pancras Library. A 400 mile round trip is perhaps a little excessive for a 90 minute talk but I am very interested to hear about his genre 'science-in-fiction'. I have already read his play OXYGEN (which he co-wrote with Professor Roald Hoffmann - a Nobel Laureate) and found it fascinating. It deals with which of the three scientists Lavoisier, Priestley or Scheele could most lay claim to the discovery of oxygen.


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