Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Humorous Entomologist

This is Lee, keeper of the spiders, the millipedes...

...and cockroaches. Millipedes, I learnt, are 'harmless herbivores' (even when they are as big as this) whereas centipedes are carnivores.

Cockroaches look a bit like millipedes but with additional features like heads (spot the odd one out in the picture above). This is a Madagascar Hissing cockroach because it comes from Madagascar and hisses when provoked.

Here is a close up of that tarantula again...

and finally a huge snail from Africa...

On the Big Bug Show Website the Princess Royal is quoted as saying 'I don't think I would class snails as pets.' And to think that I attempted to curtsey to this woman once (under protest).


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