Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Talk at the Chester Literature Festival.

It is the last week of the Chester Literature Festival and my last event for a while - a talk on THE MAKING OF MODERN MADNESS at the Grosvenor Museum. It was good to be on home territory with a room full of people who have read my book and know me and I was very glad to see them. I don't feel like giving up any more.

Jan Bengree gave me an excellent introduction, and Sheila Parry gave the vote of thanks. Sheila's Steve operated the computer very well, and when the projector gave up half way through (because it wasn't having enough attention) he managed to cajole it into working again. Alan Wall was there, which was very good of him because he lives far away, and the manager of Waterstones sold my books - and amazingly some people bought them.

Tonight I feel all is not lost and tomorrow I am going to work hard and try to produce another book if I can.


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