Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Talk at Fort Belan.

When I was a school girl on a biology field trip, little did I think when I gazed across the Menai Straits from Aberffraw beach and noted, just then, that this must be the most beautiful place on this planet,

that one day I would be back there, giving a talk from a fort with the same view

and it would make my soul soar now just as it did back then.

Fort Belan is at the end of a long track at the end of the straits to Anglesey. It is remote. It hugs the land with a series of grey castellated walls easy for young boys to climb.

Inside it is a tasteful combination of walls the colour of peaches and roses, and smells of wood fires. It was here that I went today to give my talk. The audience was not huge but I was asked some very interesting questions and had a good time, and thank you to Eirian of Palas Print books for selling copies of my book, and also Jean Blundell, who runs Friends of Fort Belan, for inviting me to speak.


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