Thursday, January 02, 2014

Resolutions (and What I'm Doing: 41)

Read more!  Write more!  Exercise more! Nag more!  (Some of these things may come to me more easily than others...) And I must also learn more about the place where I live.

So, in order to start on the last one first I have open before me Roman Chester: City of Eagles by David J.P. Mason because the first people who seem to have come to my city were the poor old Romans.  They must have been freezing.  Every time I think of them I imagine them in sandals and no socks.

On my Kindle I am reading Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux.  I have downloaded this on the recommendation of a friend.  So far it looks good.

On my Ipod I am listening to Orlando by Virginia Woolf read by Clare Higgins for the Chester Literature Festival Book Club.  This morning I looked at their proposed titles for this year and decided to try and work my way through them.  I'm sure it will be good for me.


Blogger Jud said...

While that is the common vision of the Roman soldier, there is quite a bit of evidence that they certainly had garments to protect them from the harsh weather of the northern climes, including scarves, cloaks, leg wrapping, and, yes, socks (udones) for their boots.I am not familiar with that particular book but I plan to find it. Any thoughts to writing about Roman history? Something along Hadrian's wall perhaps?

Thu Jan 02, 03:54:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Just from a preliminary glance through it looks a very good book, Jud - very clear and readable. Interesting what you say about Roman socks!

Do you mean you are going to write about Roman history? Or me? I am going to ...kind of...

Also...did you see my Saturnalia post in December? I was thinking you might be interested in this if you ever come to Chester.

Thu Jan 02, 10:59:00 pm  
Blogger Jud said...

I missed the Saturnalia post until just now; I was away on holiday when it published. I was hoping you might write something about Roman history. Chester is high on the list of Roman sites to visit when I make it across the pond.

Tue Jan 07, 07:54:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

I've been reading a lot about it ('Roman Chester' by David J. P. Mason is excellent, BTW) and it is quite a tragic story, really. Although there is a little left - the amphitheatre is impressive - a lot was destroyed by developers in 1963 including a unique elliptical building and a huge baths complex. The best place I've seen for Roman remains is Wroxeter. That is quite amazing.

Tue Jan 07, 10:37:00 pm  

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