Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chester Writers at the Chester Literary Festival

Chester Writers is having a performance evening (as part of the Chester Literature Festival) at the Bull and Stirrup tonight so I have been getting a few things ready:

1. 50 programmes
2. Guest list
3. Guidance notices to our room
4. Signing-in sheet for the Open Mic session
5. Blu-tack
6. Introductory notes (because I am hopeless at ad-libbing)
7. Tin containing a float of £1 coins
8. Egg timer for the Open Mic session

My colleague Ravi has the audio equipment and lectern, Die has been working hard on the publicity and Anita has agreed to man to door - so I think we are all set...

The performers at the Bull and Stirrup (except for one who came later):
Michael Hall, Die Booth, Ian Cai Mercer, Suzanne Iupa, David Atkinson, George Horsman, Moi, Hilary Alexander, Timothy Heavisides, Ravi Raizada, Michele Rimmer, Christopher Atherton and Jane Mack.


Anonymous marly youmans said...

What a lot of events you have had or been to lately... was scrolling through and thinking how energetic you have been over the past few years.

Lovely to see that you have such a pack of Chester writers.

Wed Oct 26, 04:44:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Yes, there has been rather a lot! As much as I've enjoyed it all, I'm finding I'm not doing enough writing.

So, after tomorrow, after I've done my bit of reading out the King James bible, and cleared up after coming back from our trip to Rome, I am going to get stuck into my writing again. Probably.

Wed Oct 26, 08:25:00 pm  

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