Thursday, July 21, 2011

The fight to save short stories on Radio 4

Gwyneth Williams has recently announced that the News at One on Radio 4 is to be extended at the expense of the Short Story. The full press release is here.

If you would like to protect this genre please sign this petition on the National Short Story Website.

As Sarah Dunant says: 'When it comes to fiction radio excites and exercises the imagination in a way no other medium can manage. Nowhere is that more perfectly illustrated than the short story where, within 15 short minutes, one can be transported into a different world. It is a cheap yet invaluable example of radio at its best. It feels both mad - and sad - to think that radio 4 would somehow be better without it.'

For more views and quotes see the full list of signatories here.


Blogger cromercrox said...

Nothing surprises me about Radio 4 any more. I've long since given up listening to it, as it didn't seem to be reflecting my interests or my point of view at all, except to be patronizing. If you are in any way right-of-centre politically; live outside London; and have the temerity to be Jewish who supports the right of Israel to exist -- I'm all three -- then Radio 4 is not a happy listening experience.

Wed Jul 27, 02:18:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

I understand, Cromercrox. I'm afraid I dislike politics and religion, but I love literature, science, history and thinking. Those subjects are not on enough, and never will be. It is something I have come to accept - a realisation that I will never share the tastes of the majority of the rest of the world (but then who does?).

However, I would like to join this fight to save the short story because I know it is important to so many who have no other outlet for their work.

Wed Jul 27, 09:40:00 pm  

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