Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book Spoils from Athens

I have to report that our visit to Athens was magnificent. Even Hodmandod Senior loved it and he doesn't usually travel well. I shall no doubt go into more detail later, but for now I shall just exhibit my spoils: a tour guide (the same one as I have on my Kindle)

a book on Delphi

another on Kerameikos

a book on the monuments of ancient Greece

which overlay what the buildings used to be like

on top of what can be seen today

and then, when I came home, this (rather weirdly) was waiting for me - which tells about practices in the ancient world and explores the contemporary parallels.

I couldn't wait to start reading, but I am not allowed to say any more until after the publication date on November 4th.


Anonymous marly youmans said...

Wonderful, Clare--you didn't go on your own this time! Mike and our eldest went to Greece. I stayed home with the younger ones, alas. Great trip, too.

Sat Oct 16, 09:46:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

You should go too, Marly! October is a good month - warm but not too hot (though you might like it hot, maybe - being a child of the south). But anyway, I thoroughly recommend!

Sun Oct 17, 01:22:00 pm  

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