Sunday, August 01, 2010

What I'm Doing 31:

What I watched last:


(Stars Matt Berry and directed by Duncan Jones) Moon was like a combination of 2001 and the novel Never Let Me Go, but also could have been based on one of Ray Bradbury's stories. A man has been mining on the moon for three years and is about to go home when he has an accident. What happens next, and the realisation he makes, is shocking and sad but it ends triumphantly. The trailer is here.

The short extra, Whistle, was also thought-provoking and tragic and somehow made me think of David Mitchell's novel Ghostwritten. I think maybe because it is about how the actions of a single man can have distant repercussions.

What I'm listening to:

the whole of Ellis Paul's Day After Everything Changed. I'm finding that I like this just as much as I like his other music.

What I'm reading:

Any Human Face by Charles Lambert. This is for the forthcoming 7DayWonder Holiday. I've just read a few chapters so far and finding it a great literary thriller - superbly written and addictive.

What I'm doing:

editing a short story ( one of my own - called The Washing Line).


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