Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Welsh Waterstones Tour: Stop 7 - Wrexham

And now - the place where I was born: Wrexham. It is a smallish town, once the centre of a mining community.

The exterior of the Wrexham Waterstones bookshop is, perhaps,

less impressive than its red-carpeted interior which has a welcoming feel of space (and the staff also have an excellent taste in music - i.e. is like mine).

The manageress and her team had made a lovely little display of my books, and I had a good afternoon chatting to customers. Once again there seemed to be a lot of interest in Welsh Patagonia, and I was pleased to hear from a lecturer in Yale College that the colonisation is now a part of the new Welsh 'Bacc' - where every subject in the curriculum is taught with special reference to Wales - even subject like biology and maths. It made me wonder how it could be applied to chemistry, but thinking about it, there is a chemistry of Wales. In the Welsh steelworks, the mines, the quarries chemistry would have been important, and the works chemists was much revered. I suppose a study of what they did would be interesting, and then, of course there are important Welsh chemists...and that is just a start.


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Adorable dress, Clare!

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