Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rich pickings

Ah, Saturday - even though it is very much like my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there is one important difference: the presence of Hodmandod Senior. This means I take even longer to get down to doing anything constructive due to some deeply entrenched behaviour brought about by long-term social conditioning...and also laziness (i.e. sitting around drinking tea and talking).

So, this afternoon, having duly arrived at my desk, I now need to chose what to read next (after I finish my editing): should I feed my obsession with silkworms with this library book;

or delve into this book I've been dying to read for a couple of weeks now sent to me courtesy of Book Munch;

or continue this one I started last night and is proving just as fascinating as I thought it would be (because, for one thing, it contains lots of references to Leo Szilard);

or maybe start climbing a stairway to hell;

or then there's this...

Which arrived this morning, and is a 'French erotic bestseller, published for the first time in English'.

There is one word in that sentence that I find off-putting: 'bestseller', but since Serpent's Tail have published it I am hoping it has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Ah, decisions, decisions...


Anonymous Mary said...

Thank goodness you used the term "je ne sais quoi" in your post. I just used it myself, but I spelled "sais" as "c'est". How stupid of me! The homonyms in a foreign language are now tripping me up.

The middle 3 book covers you have pictured are fascinating. Are they all books of the same era?

Sun May 17, 03:58:00 pm  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

Heh. Sound the same though, don't they, Mary?

Yes! They're all published within the last year or so..

Sun May 17, 10:54:00 pm  

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