Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Booklovers February Weekend holiday

I can recommend this (also received by email today) - the food and the conversation should be excellent...

Thursday 26th February - Monday 2nd March 2009

La Torre de Dalt, Banyoles (Girona), Catalonia, Spain

4 nights

Special guest author Charles Palliser

£550 (Flights & insurance not included - but cheap deals with Ryanair at the moment).

* Fully catered with gourmet food and excellent new wines.
* Ensuite private rooms.
* A relaxing and stimulating long weekend. Based in a beautiful Catalan stone built
mansion. Daily book talks, great food and the special atmosphere of a 7daywonder
holiday. Includes a book group session with Charles "masterpiece" Palliser and a guided tour
with local historian Nik Dusern of Spanish civil war location.


Blogger Unknown said...

When I have lost some kids and made my fortune I will go on some of these trips... I can have dreams...

Wed Jan 14, 09:33:00 am  
Blogger Clare Dudman said...

I dream too, Barbara! I went along as a visiting writer a couple of times and it seemed to be a wonderful way to spend a few days.

Wed Jan 14, 09:10:00 pm  

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