Sunday, November 04, 2007

19.40 SundaySalon

Oh, I have been so very, very slow..but in much excitement in the introduction as I come across familiar places and people - Buenos Aires, for instance (and imagine myself there again) and then Athanasius Kircher (the latter the name of a wondrous society devoted to the weird and bizarre I have mentioned many times and based on the Father's own love of the eccentric. For instance, one of his stunning inventions was the sunflower clock (a bouquet of blossoms whose heads followed the sun and hence indicated time)).

There is then, that very fashionable of literary devices unfolding here - a story within a story - which I like. An onion of a book, then, and even though my eyes are not watering yet I am slowly peeling away layers.


Blogger Imani said...

I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts on this book. It's one that's mentioned all the time but I've never come very close to buying it, for some reason.

If you like stories-within-stories, may I also suggest The Translation of Dr. Apelles by David Treuer. That's another metafictional novel that I fell in love with earlier this year. Often demanding, exciting, and very rewarding.

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