Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oslo at night.

Ha, got through. I am now sitting in a big tent in what appears to be a BOOKFAIR in Oslo. Crime is big - there are sections devoted to it as there is in Amsterdam (where I passed through today). Anyway, was just passing through when I spotted a couple of computers with no one in front of them and I felt strangely drawn. It is cold here, as expected, but the locals are sitting outside the restaurants in coats (I think this is so they can smoke).

As usual I have found that my hotel is located at the outskirts of the red light district and was just passing a local bar in time to see a local woman being escorted outside by two waiters.

Oslo is a small city with a strange atmosphere - subdued and yet I have a strong feeling there is something spirited lurking beneath. It is, after all, a place established by Vikings...

One long wide paved street (called a "gate" as they are in Chester) leads to a beautiful building lit up in white lights. I don't think I want to get there. I want it to stay at the end of my imagination. Some things are best kept like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know where I am Clare. Need I mention the word "envy" in relation to your location this weekend?

Looking forward to reading more...

Have a fun time!

Sun Oct 28, 12:23:00 am  
Blogger Kay Cooke said...

Have fun indeed. Plunge to the depth of the Scandinavian psyche - or at least as deep as you want to go - leaving the rest to the imagination - a very fine place to be left!

Sun Oct 28, 01:34:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks CFR and CB - almost dined in the Grand Hotel - Ibsen's choice of eating place, apparently...I think that might have plunged the depths of my psyche - it would have definitely plunged the depths of my wallet. Norway is expensive - £4.50 for a cup of coffee! My only criticism of the place...

Sun Oct 28, 08:00:00 pm  

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