Friday, August 03, 2007

What I'm Doing 6:

What I'm reading:
Fiction: THE TENDERNESS OF WOLVES by Stef Penney
(hard going but worth it).

What I watched last:
(disappointed by this - Hodmandod Senior and I found it twee and not terribly well acted (especially as it starred the usually splendid Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Miriam Margoyles). Also used every cinematic cliché going: 'Well at least they didn't make the car didn't stutter,' said HS as we watched it rolling out of the garage onto the road...whereupon it did - on cue. Very funny).

What I'm writing:
An appreciation of the Anthony Gormley's exhibition BLIND LIGHT
(which I highly recommend).

What I'm listening to:
O by Damien Rice
(as recommended by Crime Fiction Reader and finding as fabulous as she says it is)

What I'm dreaming about:
The sea crashing down on rocks and slurping away sand.


Blogger Susanna said...

I have been listening to The Blowers Daughter over and over for the past several weeks. I almost did a post about it.

Have you seen how they used that song in the introduction to Closer. THe movie is kind of depressing but this is a great scene. I found it for you on youtube.

I did not make it all the way through Ladies in Lavender. I just dont find that plot line appealing.

Fri Aug 03, 11:18:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susangalique: Thank you - I love these recommendations - I'll go and take a look now...

Sat Aug 04, 12:01:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just seen it - wonderful, Susangalique - thank you!

Sat Aug 04, 12:11:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear you like Damien Rice. The second album "9" came out recently and this took much more getting into for me, but I got there. Just as gritty; just as variable. I love it too now, but prefer "O".
As for Ladies in Lavender, I saw that some time ago and enjoyed it, but found the story a trifle odd. I thought the sisters (Dench and Smith) had a wonderfully well acted tense relationship (underneath); also unlike you, I found Margolyes up to the usual standard. Slow in parts, but it was a decent way to pass a couple of hours for me. (Albeit, I was little disappointed due to the story.)
Of course, what you say is very interesting and if you want to blame someone then I suspect it's Charles Dance. He wrote the screenplay and directed it. His first foray into direction, I believe.
Susangalique, re Rice, I'd heard a track so much somewhere in the background, then suddenly caught it used on ER and made sure I watched the end credits to find out what is was. That was led me to the album. When I listened the first time, I realised that The Blower's Daughter had been used in Closer. A good film, but as you say, a little depressing...

Sat Aug 04, 06:20:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HS read somewhere that the original story had the two sisters in their forties which would have worked a little better, I think.

Dench, Smith and Margoyles were good, I guess, but I am used to them being excellent. I suppose this film didn't give them sufficient scope.

Tue Aug 07, 09:17:00 am  

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