Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dr Grump's Chocolate Experiment

'You want this, don't you?' Dr Grump said. 'You want this very much. Just looking at it makes your mouth water so much that you dare not talk in case you drool. That is so, is it not?'
I nodded mutely. She wafted the opened packet beneath my nose then took it away again.
'Let's try a little experiment,' she said switching off the light. 'Shut your eyes and open your mouth.'
I obeyed because I trust Dr Grump. She is my colleague but also my friend.
I heard the foil rustling, then the sharp snap, and then another snap as she separated the 70% cocoa solids from the rest. There was a short pause and then I could smell it: the unmistakable odour of sweet dark chocolate. Then, as she placed it on my tongue and I could taste it: bitter, sweet, melting slowly to the perfect consistency.

Ah, chocolate. I held it in my mouth a long time relishing it- every last molecule seeping into my tongue and travelling comfortably down my throat.

'Is that good?' she asked.
'Mmmm.' I said. I didn't want to speak.

She switched on the light. 'Are you sure?' she asked. 'Was it just as good with the light off?'
'Better,' I said.
'Well it's not supposed to be.' She said, sounding cross.

I noticed there was half the packet left. 'May be I should try another square with the light on - just to be sure.' My mouth started watering again.

'It'll keep you awake.' she said and walked out, the packet in her bag. Dr Grump can be a cruel, cruel woman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly love your Dr. Grump posts.

Fri Aug 31, 02:04:00 am  
Blogger Crystal King said...

Chocolate and orange is truly one of the most amazing tastes ever.

Lots of antioxidants in that 70% addiction!

I wonder how it corresponds to these recent findings...that sugar is more addictive than cocaine:

Fri Aug 31, 04:36:00 am  
Blogger Andrew said...

If you'll permit me to be so bold, Clare, but I think this piece of writing hints at a deep subconscious yearning on your behalf for the decadent pleasures of good chocolate. If you look carefully, there is what could be described as a repeated chocolate mataphor running through the writing which bears all the hallmarks of the veracity of my interpretation.

Fri Aug 31, 01:39:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This piece of research does not bode well for this restaurant:
which is based on another viewpoint entirely...
Interesting stuff!

Fri Aug 31, 07:58:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Debra!

And yes, Crystallyn - I agree about chocolate and orange...and the antioxidants...and yes, I am a hopeless addict...

as you have spotted, Andrew, so astutely...

And CFR: that is such and interesting concept. In my experiemnt (which I really did try last night) I actually found my sense of taste heightened - I think because I was less distracted by what I could see.

Fri Aug 31, 10:17:00 pm  
Blogger Lee said...

I do wish I'd held to my resolve not to read so many blogs when I'm trying to work, and especially when I promised myself to start a diet today (she says on her way to the pantry).

Sat Sept 01, 02:43:00 pm  

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